Tree Removal Services in Indianapolis

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When it comes to the beauty of your property and overall landscaping, having large (and mature) trees can be a major asset.

However, as beautiful as they can be, they’ll often pose a major threat to the property, itself. This includes the actual land features, along with people, utility lines and the buildings that are located near them.

This can occur when the trees have either become neglected or have, for some other reason (disease, etc.), devolved into a dangerous state.

For example, this can happen when the trees haven’t been trimmed in a proper manner or have been allowed to reach extreme heights. In a situation such as this, inclement weather can exhibit tremendous forces (snow, ice, winds, etc.) that will cause branches to fall, thus potentially causing severe destruction.

In other instances, a large plant may have become unstable due to disease or past damage to its structure. At this point, it would be wise to contact our company and ask us what we can do to help you remove the tree and assist you with this potential destructive dilemma.

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Other reasons that one may desire to have a tree(s) removed can pertain to the need to begin construction on additional building(s) on one’s property. This is also the reason why we also, in many cases, work closely with commercial construction companies.

When you have identified this particular problem and decide to contact our professionals, you have definitely made the correct choice when it comes to dealing with this situation. The reason for this stems from the fact that removing trees on your property can represent a dangerous job for those, who are not experienced, and/or don’t possess the correct equipment that is needed to handle this situation.

All too often, you hear stories of a homeowner who has either been injured or killed while attempting to remove a tree on their property. While it may, on the surface level, appear to be a relatively simple job, in reality that’s far from the truth!

Our staff have been extensively trained in the correct procedures, when it comes to taking out potentially dangerous large plants in the safest manner possible and with use of correct equipment that’s needed for the job. In addition, our company is insured and licensed, for our customer’s protection.

Besides working closely with you, in order to remove trees either for aesthetic or safety reasons, we have the experience to identify any potential issues that could complicate your tree pull-out project. These can include items such the possibility of tree structure integrity compromise (falling apart) in the middle of the removal process.
In addition, we can explain any potential issues that could make the removal process more difficult and we will do it in a way that you can easily understand. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation in which you’re being bombarded with professional jargon that you won’t readily understand! Our pros are not only known for their proficiency, but they are also appreciated for their courteous manner. When you deal with our arborist professionals, you immediately get the feeling that they are focused on becoming a partner with you, when it comes to your needs. Our goal is to ensure that your property and your situation is in far better shape than it was, when we first arrived. This accounts for the excellent ratings and feedback that we have received over the years!

We are a well-known and established company here in Indianapolis that puts our customers above all. Our specialties include the identification of dangerous trees and then dealing with the problem trough trimming, topping or the complete removal of those hazards. It only takes a brief visit to your property for one of our staff to quickly identify your specific issue and then go over the details with you.

Our estimates, of course, are free and our services are competitively priced. We make sure to keep our customer’s budget in mind when we price our service. This is just one more reason for our growing popularity over the years. We want to make sure that potential dangerous tree problems don’t affect either yours or your neighbor’s property.

Our Tree Removal Services Include:
  • Quickly and accurately identifying potential dangers
  • Complete property assessment
  • Trimming or topping
  • Complete removal of hazardous trees
  • Free estimates for all services

Needless to say – every tree project that we encounter is different and needs to be approached in a unique manner.

This is due to variations that include; differences in terrain, different types of trees, closeness to utility poles and lines, proximity to buildings and any involvement with neighbor’s properties. All of these individual factors shape the way that we determine the best means to handle a tree removal scenario. Safety is our paramount concern!

No matter how you look at it, it’s always best to use someone knowledgeable, when it comes to getting rid of trees. This is especially true in situations in which there may be nearby structures and limited access options.

For the work involved, we use cables, pulleys and other types of “rigging”, along with specialized “boom trucks” and just plain climbing and cutting by hand. In some cases, we can actually take down a tree in just one action, if safety concerns allow it. This will end up saving time, which saves money. Afterwards, we can even cut up the tree for our customer’s use as firewood or they may decide to have us haul it completely away.

Our many customers have chosen to employ our services based on the way that we’ve been rated by our previous customers. When it comes to identifying dangers or removing trees for landscape beautification or to make room for impending construction, no one beats our expertise, low prices and overall customer service! In addition we’re recognized for our diligence when it comes to completely cleaning up afterwards!

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