Tree Cutting Services in Indianapolis

The trees on your property represent an important part of its overall look, value and enjoyment. Tree cutting is a necessity to keep it looking gorgeous, especially here in Indianapolis.

However, in many cases, it doesn’t become something that homeowners and commercial property owners actually consider, until either the health or physical shape of their trees begin to demonstrate some form of a problem issue.

At that point, it becomes painfully obvious just how much of a role they play, when it comes to the aesthetics of the property!

This is why it is highly suggested that property owners, seriously consider hiring our company when it comes to periodically assessing and maintaining the condition of the trees on their land.

Our experience and skilled workers are here to assist you when it comes to any and all of your concerns, now and in the future.

The quality of our work is reflected in the ratings and positive feedback from past customers. We enjoy hearing back from homeowners we’ve helped over the years.

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Our arborists are certified and demonstrate their complete commitment to your safety as well as tree appearance and health. This high level of professionalism is signified by their ISA certification and their commitment to continuing their knowledge base of related knowledge qualifications and furthering their arborist education. As such, our professionals are considered to be the very best in the business!

Our company offer the following:

  • Health Maintenance
  • Fine Pruning
  • Reduction of Crowns
  • Thinning
  • Tree Surgery
  • Dead Wooding
  • Felling and Removal
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • And many others

​People in the Indy area choose our Maintenance services for a number of reasons.

First of all, we’re local. When we’re hired by our customers, we want them to understand just how important we consider the appearance of their property to be and therefore adjust the way we perform tree cutting service to their particular property.. It’s not just a job for us, but a partnership between us and our clients. Also, because we’re located in the area, the appearance of your property translates into a sense of pride, as each one of our customer’s property represents an ongoing advertisement of the quality of our work!

In addition, our guarantee stems from our ability to demonstrate the ratings and feedback that we receive from our customers, which has created the stellar reputation that we enjoy. Also, since we consider ourselves to be your partner, we ensure that every assessment and piece of advice that we provide is made in easy-to-understand terminology, rather than industry-specific terms that only professionals can understand. All of this adds up to the overall experience that our customers enjoy and relate to their friends, family and acquaintances.

Not only are our employees experts at what they do, but they utilize the best and most appropriate up-to-date equipment in order to effectively and efficiently perform necessary tasks. This is essential, when you consider the level of safety that we need to maintain when performing potentially dangerous tree-related activities. In addition, we’re fully licensed and insured. Our pricing is value-based and competitively priced so that you get more than your money’s worth from each type of service that we offer!

We Service Both Commercial and Residential Properties

Our company strives to offer a personalized plan for every project. The sense of high-priority, that we provide, extends to both our residential and commercial property customers. This includes every property that we maintain, no matter how large or small the assignment. We provide comprehensive tree maintenance services that encompass locations such as park environments, small and large tracts of privately-owned land as well as business landscapes.

Do your trees need pruning on an on-going basis? Rather than having to remind yourself that it’s that time again, we can conveniently set up a schedule for you that will allow a periodic assessment of the property and then provide the proper maintenance that you’ll need. In addition, if a major plant health issue arises, we can get with you, in order to head off any potential major problem that’s impending.

Overall, this can save you both time and money!

Taking the time to set up the trimming schedule for the whole year is the first step when it comes to ensuring strong, healthy growth. This type of on-going maintenance is absolutely essential when it comes to the overall look and value of your property. When you consider the regular maintenance of your trees, you are looking at:

  • The prevention of declining plant health, which can also lead to damage prevention of the surrounding land and buildings that could be damaged by falling trees and limbs.
  • With the inclusion of proper nutrients, offered as part of regular maintenance, you ensure that your trees will grow and present the best appearance possible for your property.
  • The increased vitality combined with proper maintenance, can allow them to withstand harsh weather conditions that are related to storm activity, extreme temperature changes and damage related to snow and ice.

Also, when you look at a property, one of the first things that you notice related to the property’s appearance, is the shape of its trees. Beautifully shaped plants are a natural benefit of regular professional tree maintenance and the overall psychological effect of beautiful property landscaping is something that cannot be ignored!

Our staff are focused on developing an excellent relationship with our customers that result in the best appearance and health of their trees. This translates into beautiful property aesthetics, healthy landscapes and increased property value and safety.