Stump Grinding Services in Indianapolis

Imagine that you’ve just had a tree removed on your property or you’re just tired of looking around and seeing one or more remaining tree stumps taking away from your property’s attractiveness.

You guess it’s time to do something about that, so you take a moment to call a professional Indianapolis, Indiana tree stump grinding service.

You’ve probably heard about the advantages of selecting our particular company for this job and, of course, we’re here to assist you with all your tree service requirements.

When it comes to grinding, you just can’t beat the level of expertise and service that provided by our staff.

Not only are we considered to be among the very best, but our services are competitively priced and offer far more value than what we charge!

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Once a tree has been cut down and removed from your property, you want to deal with the remaining stump, as well. The three main issues that pertain to this situation include the following.

First of all, unless you’re planning to turn the remains into either a piece of art or a functional object (like a seat), that stump is pretty much an eyesore on your property. 

Next up, the remains can represent an outright hazard to your guests and family. People have been known to trip over or otherwise find some way to injure themselves because of a remaining stump in the middle of the yard.

Even if there isn’t a danger of a lawsuit involved, who wants someone to get hurt on your land? And finally, I’m sure you’re not all that anxious to provide a “housing complex” for various forms of insects and small mammals in the remains. 

Of course, you can avoid these problems by having the entire tree stump completely removed (which is also something that we’re experts at). However, your budget may be a concern and you want to save as much as possible in this situation. We hear you. If money is an issue, many people have opted to select us, as their contractor of choice.

After a tree has been cut down and removed next comes the issue of what to do with the leftovers. Since you’ve chosen stump grinding as your alternative, here’s what you can expect. First of all, employ our grinding equipment to grind the remaining truck into small pieces that can easily be taken away.

The machines we use are designed to grind down most stumps to about 10″-13″ below grade. This can also remove a good amount of roots, as well.

Some folks like to keep the wood for fireplace kindling (or for some other purpose), while others just want the pieces completely removed. Of course, we can accommodate either decision.

So, what about the remaining tree roots? Well, since we’re talking about biodegradable material, when it comes to wood, the remaining root system will eventually decay and the material will return to the earth, once more.

Of course, this process takes a fair amount of time and isn’t conducive to constructing a building (for example) on that same spot, in the near future. But the tree grinding process, itself, is usually considerably faster than tree stump removal.

That’s because tree stump removal involves the more complex task of digging out an entire tree root system. In many cases, the root system is much larger than the initial stump, itself!

If you get the opportunity to ask our former (and current) customers, you’ll generally hear the same things. First of all, they’ll tell you that we present a partnership, when it comes to offering our services.

Here, you’ll immediately notice that our licensed, certified and highly experienced workers are more focused on what’s best for you and your property than you may have originally anticipated. This is also evident by just how thorough we are when it comes to cleaning up after ourselves and leaving your property in immaculate order!

It’s just not our way to “breeze in”, throw a bunch of technical jargon at you and then try to upsell our services. We want to sit down with you, after our assessment of the property, and go over what’s best for your particular situation. That’s because we’ve been in your area for years and we know that you don’t build a solid business on squeezing as much money as possible on every job. You build a solid business on trust and positive customer feedback!

This is one of the primary reasons that our customers regularly specify just how positive their experience with our company is. This holds true with both our residential and commercial customers. We treat everyone the same, no matter how large or small the work assignment is. So when choosing your contractor for one-time job or other related work, make sure to hire the best in the field and for your yard.

Our services are designed to give your trees the absolute best possible chance to show the amount of care that you put into each aspect of your property’s landscape!

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