Lot Clearing Services in Indianapolis

Are you in the process of building a new house? What about the development of your land?

Would you like to take greater advantage of a scenic view?

These are just a couple of reasons why you may wish to clear a lot that you’ve owned for a while or have just purchased.

When this need arises, give us a call. We’re here in Indianapolis.

For example, you’ll want to employ a service that is expedient, thorough and offers its services at a reasonable price. 

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These are just some of the reasons why our customers have chosen to utilize our Indianapolis, Indiana lot clearing service.

We’ll get the job done right, no matter what types of trees are currently occupying the land.

We have certified, licensed and experienced pros on staff who can completely clear the trees off your lot, along with other considerations, such as stump removal and/or stump grinding. In addition, our professionals are focused on safety as well as expediency. 

We specialize in lot clearing services for both residential and commercial companies (builders, contractors, etc.). All you need to do is to contact us, and we’ll be glad to visit your property and discuss the available options. 

Some of the benefits:
•    Scenic view enhancement
•    Removal of hazardous trees
•    Assessment of potentially dangerous trees
•    Tree trimming 
•    Stump removal and grinding
•    Complete cleanup of tree-related material
•    Other lot clearing services…

Why Choose Us?

When you choose to hire our company to clear your lot, you’ll receive the benefit of our years of skill and experience. We understand the nature and nuances of the terrain in your area and the best ways to approach any lot clearing project. We have the advanced knowledge that only experience can provide when approaching a local lot clearing project in which unique issues may arise.

Also, our approach to lot clearing involves working closely with our customers. We don’t decide to just quickly move in and try to perform a job without you completely understanding what our methods and goals are!

We want you to understand everything about the job that we do, and we make sure to present our work in terms that you understand. We’re not going to throw a bunch of professional terms at you that you might not comprehend. That’s because we consider ourselves as your partner when it comes to getting your job done the way that you want and need it to be. 

Our company routinely works with road builders, construction companies, city and county officials, farming professionals and individual land owners. We also specialize in the removal of selective trees and tree stumps that land owners and managers need to deal with.

Besides the removal of trees and tree-related material, we consider our job to be one that improves and cares for the environment. We do this through the application of our extensive knowledge and expertise that includes both tree care and forest management. We apply this knowledge to each unique situation that we come across and the results show in the tremendous amount of positive feedback that we receive!

Our clearing philosophy involves a simple and environmentally sound approach that is considered “low impact” to the surrounding area. This is very important because there are a lot of “land clearing” companies that will come in and bulldoze (or otherwise level) the property with absolutely no regard to the land’s ecosystem.

This will inevitably end up creating unforeseen problems that may not show up for years later. Then it’s too late. This is why you want to employ our environmentally-friendly lot clearing services. Our nature-friendly approach provides the best advantage for both the land and the landowners, alike.

Even our machines are designed with tires that will have minimal impact on the land’s soil. And we offer alternatives to our customers such as cutting up wood from felled trees so that it can be used in fireplaces. We also can do the same for material that comes from our stump grinding service. Otherwise, we clear out any remaining material to leave your property 100% ready for any work that you desire, such as construction. We don’t leave a mess behind.

What’s Involved in the Process?

The first thing that we’ll do is to schedule a meeting with your and our certified arborist to look over the property and get a handle on what will need to be done. Once this has been accomplished, we’ll sit down with you and go over any recommendations that we feel will be the most advantageous to your lot clearing project. 

Once this has been done, we can discuss pricing in a way that will best fit your particular budget. Our job is not to arbitrarily “upsell” our services, but to ensure that you get the most for your money. We consider this to be essential for our future customer recommendations, as well as to give you the most for your money. We’re a local business and we want your support!

The amount of time that it takes to perform the lot clearing will, of course, depend on several different factors such as the size of the lot and the trees/stumps that are involved, etc. So, in some cases, it just takes one day and in others, a week. But this is something that we’ll go over with you in order for you to schedule any other work that will begin, once the lot is cleared.

When it comes to having your lot cleared, you can’t go wrong with our Indianapolis, Indiana lot clearing service. Our experienced professionals are now available to sit down with you and help you to get the job done right and cost-effectively! 

If you’d like a free estimate from our Indianapolis, Indiana tree service for your next lot clearing project, please call us at (317) 434-1373 or send us an email.

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