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Arborists know their way around a tree… and they should! They make it their business to do so.

But what exactly IS an arborist’s job, anyway, and how does a person go about acquiring the assistance of a good one nearby?

Well, we will talk about some of the ways a local arborist’s services would be beneficial to you and some of the things they just might take care of on any given day.

If you are a homeowner, you might want to grab a phone book and have it handy because at the end of this article, you might want to give one a call! 

​As mentioned, property owners have a way of dealing with situations that occur on their property in a “knee-jerk” fashion. As the old adage goes “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” When things go WRONG on a property or in our homes, only then do we typically deal with the issue. But what about performing preventative maintenance? Some of us are very good with that, but like most of the rest of us – well, it’s an afterthought and only after we fix the problem do we think – “If only I had checked this out beforehand…”
Arborists can be a wealth of information if you have a property with lots of trees on it. But not just trees – shrubs, vines that seem to climb property walls and any other sort of woodsy-type plant. An arborist and their main concern is to preserve the life of the plant. So, if you are a tree hugger or you are someone who just doesn’t want to completely demolish your landscaping, they can be a great go-to person to help you figure out the best plan, so that you, your plants and your trees can live in harmony. 

​Arborists work out of many offices – Parks and Recreation Centers, City Buildings, and even local businesses that promote that sort of service. These professionals are trained on science of plants and trees and make it their life’s work to preserve as much of it as they can for future generations to enjoy. They can assist on the education of how to properly prune your trees if, for example, you had a Crepe Myrtle in your yard. They can tell you what to do to maintain the longevity of the life of that tree. They can give you helpful information on the proper way to remove a tree. Usually this is one area they try to defer people from, unless the tree, shrub or plant is a threat to life, property or is already dead, due to insects or plant infections. If it is either of these issues that is the “root” (no pun intended) of the problem, they can instruct you on other trees nearby that also may be affected. They are also an excellent source of information if you wanted to plant new trees. They can assist you with the best places to plant them, so the trees can grow to their optimum potential and serve as an asset, and not a hindrance, to the property.
Their services may also be called upon for testimony in a court of law. Sometimes neighbors do no agree on things like property lines and whether or not plants and trees are in the way of those sorts of things. Well, only a judge can say for sure, but you can bet that if it’s a matter of life and property, an arborist’s statement might be the deciding answer.

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